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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How long is the Walkathon and what is the route?
    The Walkathon is approximately 5K, starting and ending at the West 79th Street Boat Basin Rotunda. It is a circular walk through historic and beautiful Riverside Park, Manhattan.

  2. Will the Walkathon be cancelled if it rains?
    The Walkathon will take place rain or shine.

  3. Do I have to collect sponsor money in order to walk?
    Pediatric Cancer Foundation highly encourages each walker to raise a minimum of $100. Collecting donations helps us make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer. By registering online, you are able to reach many friends, family and co-workers to help you reach your fundraising goal. Online sponsorship is quick and easy.

  4. How do I get sponsors?
    It's easy. After registering online, you'll have the opportunity to enter a list of email addresses, and a personalized email letter requesting sponsorship will be automatically sent to everyone on your list. (You can also return to the site at any time to send more emails via your Walker Log-in.) In addition, you can download our sponsor form to enlist sponsors in person.

  5. If I register with my family, can each of us have our own personal Walkathon page and fundraising goal?
    Yes. Once you register, go to your Walker Log-in and select the menu option "Create Additional Personal Pages." Then follow the instructions to set up individual personal Walkathon pages for other members of your family for whom you have registered.

  6. Can I bring sponsor money with me the day of the walk?
    Yes, Pediatric Cancer Foundation will collect your sponsor money the day of the Walkathon. Remember, your friends and family can sponsor you online when you register on our website.

  7. What do I do with sponsor money that I collect after the Walkathon?
    Please mail it to:
        Pediatric Cancer Foundation
        Attention: Walkathon
        P.O.Box 785
        Mamaroneck, NY 10543
    Remember to enclose your name so that we can put it towards your registration file.

  8. How do I form a team?
    After you register online, log in using the username and password you entered during registration and you will see an option to form and name a new team. Each member of the team will be responsible to individually register so that he/she can set his/her personal fundraising goal.

  9. How do I join an existing team?
    When registering, you'll see a drop-down menu listing the names of all currently registered teams. Simply select the name of the team you wish to join, and you will be listed on the team's page and your personal fundraising goal will be added to the team's overall goal.

  10. Can credit card sponsor donations be made online after the Walkathon?
    Yes, even after the day of the event, you will be able to visit our site and make donations to Pediatric Cancer Foundation in honor of the Walkathon.