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Thank you to those that came out for the Walkathon!!!
Please remember our efforts to raise money to fight childhood cancer will continue. Online sponsorships for walkers and donations are still being accepted and welcomed. We thank you very much for your support... and see you next year at the 24th Annual Walkathon!
Every year more than 12,500 infants and children are diagnosed with cancer. Despite remarkable research progress, cancer still kills more children than diabetes, cystic fibrosis, asthma, congenital anomalies and AIDS combined.

The eradication of this devastating disease depends on the generosity of people like you.


Gia GentileWe were living a seemingly normal life when our 6 year old daughter, Gia, started to suffer with leg pain, lower back pain and a slight fever in the middle of October, 2016. Numerous doctor and hospital visits originally concluded that she had a viral illness and muscular pain. On October 28, after waiting 3 days for an MRI and another 40 hours for a diagnosis, our nightmare began. We were told that our little girl could have cancer. Our world began tumbling down as the thoughts of treatment and uncertainty consumed us. Several more tests were needed for a diagnosis and on November 1, it was confirmed that Gia had stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

Along with overwhelming concerns for Gia's health, we are very fortunate to have a lot of support from our family, friends, colleagues and communities. A good friend put us in contact with Pediatric Cancer Foundation, which has not only provided emotional support and guidance for Gia but also for our entire family. They put us in contact with The Princess Project (young women who dress as princesses), and arranged a visit for Gia and her siblings, Jordana and Tino to bring magic into our house. In addition, over the holidays, PCF Chairman of the Board, Cheryl Rosen and PCF Administrative Director, Nancy Joselson visited us at home bringing gifts for all three of our children and spending time talking with us. Cheryl told us her story as a parent of a cancer survivor and how she and her family coped through their son's diagnosis and recovery.

Pediatric Cancer Foundation is an amazing organization which has provided us with tremendous support for Gia and our family during this difficult time. Please help us in bringing awareness of childhood cancer, providing funds to facilitate childhood cancer research and to help other families in need by joining us at their 23rd Annual Walkathon April 16, 2017.

Please register TODAY so we can fight this devastating disease together.

Join us as we are Coming Together for a Cure.

Carmine & Dana Gentile

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